10 Of The Best Commercials From 2013

12/20/13 1:40PM EST

10 Of The Best Commercials From 2013 10 Of The Best Commercials From 2013

Image via YouTube screenshot/Kmart

Emotions can change a lot in a few seconds, and advertisements continue to prove that. Commercials continue to tug at our heartstrings, make us laugh or let us dream. These 10 commercials do all that and then some. Here are some of the best commercials from the past year:

10. GoDaddy’s Super Bowl Commercial Combines Beauty And Brains

9. AT&T’s “It’s Not Complicated” Thanksgiving Commercial

8. Australian Beer Brings People Together

7. Long Island City Hyundai Causes Prolonged States Of Euphoria

6. Kent’s Meats And Groceries Uses Surveillance Footage To Sell Sandwiches

5. Apple iPhone Is Good For The Holidays

4. GEICO Pig Has Car Trouble On A Date

3. Samsung Combines Work, Play And A Unicorn Apocalypse

2. Dodge Durango’s Glove Compartment Is Ron Burgundy’s Gumball Machine