18 Things That Got Ruined By The Internet

1/17/14 12:03PM EST

18 Things That Got Ruined By The Internet 18 Things That Got Ruined By The Internet

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Yes, the Internet serves us in some amazing ways. From fast-tracking communication to practically writing our research papers, it’s at least improved the efficiency of daily living twentyfold. Unfortunately, efficiency isn’t everything, and here are a few items the Internet ruined to prove it:

1. Birthday Invitations

Remember when you used to pick out a special sticker for each friend who had the privilege of RSVPing to your pool party bash? Now everyone gets the same winking puppy with your custom eCard. How thrilling.

2. Lingerie Shopping

Of course you still see those dudes trailing after their girlfriends in Victoria’s Secret with heaps of bras on their arms, but plenty of people now get their lacy panties with a click. Which means a) the process never gets to be a fashion show for your lucky man, b) he won’t be using his credit card, and c) those panties will never end up fitting once they arrive in the mail.

3. Porn Industry

18 Things That Got Ruined By The Internet 2 18 Things That Got Ruined By The Internet

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Back in the 80s, it cost big bucks to get your favorite rare porno from Japan on video. An industry full of collector’s items has culminated in everyone and their youngest cousin gaping at “Two Girls One Cup.”

4. Going To The Movies

Forget over-buttery popcorn and sodas with more water weight than the human body. Now you don’t even have to wait until a movie leaves theaters to stream it in your living room.

5. Libraries

There’s no one there to shush anymore. No fun.

6. Phone Books

18 Things That Got Ruined By The Internet 1 18 Things That Got Ruined By The Internet

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Now little kids have nothing to perch on at the kitchen table so that they feel on the same level as the older members of their family.

7. Sitting At Coffee Shops

People used to sip pensively at their lattes while gazing at passersby and jotting down the occasional reflection in their leather-bound notebooks. Now everyone at Starbucks has her vision locked on her email.

8. Privacy

Good luck keeping secrets from the government these days…or even as the government!

9. Researching

18 Things That Got Ruined By The Internet 3 18 Things That Got Ruined By The Internet

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Wading through a bunch of dense, weathered pages has become a series of clicks through Wikipedia. Digging through the past no longer feels much like discovering mysteries of old.

10. Meeting People

Due to the prevalence of catfish on the Internet, you have to be very wary that each new, beautiful female acquaintance will actually be a hairy, old man living in an icehouse in Michigan. Before the Internet, this was a pretty unlikely possibility.

11. Business Conferences

Only via Skype can it take up to an hour to get everyone in the same room with no glitches…

12. Paper Maps

Getting to run your finger across your cross-country itinerary no longer has the same tactile appeal.

13. Celebrity

18 Things That Got Ruined By The Internet  18 Things That Got Ruined By The Internet

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With the Internet, anybody’s got a decent shot at it. Marilyn Monroe was glamorous. Jenna Marbles is…well known?

14. Courtship

The early stages of dating can be traced back to a banal email exchange. The upside is that you have something to show to your grandkids…?

15. Travel Agents

No more human expert of Italy to help direct your journey to the country’s finest wines and oldest treasures. Expedia’s got it covered. So you and millions of others can have the exact same vacation.

16. Pranks That Get Passed Around On Cassette Tapes

Remember when the Jerky Boys’ prank phone calls got spread from high school to high school and you had to obtain the physical cassette in order to reap the reward of hearing their latest prank? Isn’t it kind of uncool that YouTube has replaced that sort of delayed gratification?

17.  Being Good At Trivia

Coming up with esoteric facts on the spot used to special. Now anyone with a smart phone can tell you the length of Mary Queen of Spots reign in under a minute (it was 14 December 1542 to 24 July 1567).

18. Being a Kid

Between UrbanDictionary and RedTube alone, children these days can “grow up” by attaining as much adult knowledge as they desire in thirty minutes or less.


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