20 Reasons Why You Wish You Were A Morning Person

12/12/13 12:09AM EST

20 Reasons You Wish You Were A Morning Person 20 Reasons Why You Wish You Were A Morning Person

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Are you the type to set five different alarms every morning because you know you’ll have to get some more shut-eye after the first four? Does the thought of coffee in the A.M. get you excited, or does it provide you with a feeling of dread at having to lumber all the way over to the kitchen to grind up some beans and put them in a filter? If making coffee has the ability to scare you, then you probably wish you were a morning person, and here are some reasons why:

1. Just The Simple Act Of Getting Up Early Makes You Feel Accomplished

All you have to do after opening your eyes for the first time in the A.M. is keep them open, and you feel like you have done something crucial (which you have).

2. The Earlier You Get Up, The More Hours You Have In The Day To Do… Whatever!

Maybe you’ll finally finish that novel you’ve been plodding away on for months. Or maybe you’ll just finally get to shower before work.

3. You Can Bask In The Quiet, Alone Time That Those Morning Hours Provide

There’s rarely a requirement to deal with anyone but yourself before, like, 7 A.M., and if you’re a morning person you can be awake before then!

4. Good, Old Coffee

You can appreciate it instead of need it.

5. And To Go With Your Coffee, Breakfast

20 Reasons You Wish You Were A Morning Person  20 Reasons Why You Wish You Were A Morning Person

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You can finally make yourself some bacon and pancakes instead of hastily scarfing down that bad granola bar on your way to the subway.

6. Morning Exercise

Start your day with your blood flowing and shed those extra pounds you’ve been trying for months to get rid of.

7. Dawn Is Beautiful


8. You Can Feel Superior To Your Roommates…

…when you’re dressed and eating your bacon while they’re still rubbing the sleep out of their squinty, little eyes.

9. You Can Take Your Time To Pick Out An Outfit For The Day

Rather than throwing on the pants still crumpled on your floor from yesterday, prove to the world that you do, indeed, have a diverse wardrobe.

10. Less Commuter Traffic

Race ahead of all of those fools who slept in too late to leisurely sip their coffee while watching the sun rise over the skyline.

11. The Freshly Baked Bagels At The Deli Around The Corner

They can belong to you.

12. You Can Impress Your Coworkers By Being At Your Desk, Typing Away Before They Arrive In The Morning

And then you can leave earlier because no one will know exactly what time you got there.

13. Long Morning Showers

So key to happiness, yet so rare for those who have trouble prying themselves from their sheets.

14. Lengthy Morning Sex

If you’re lucky enough to share your bed with someone who will have sex with you the next morning, there is no better reason to wake up early.

15. You Have Time To Wipe The Drool Off Your Face Before You Enter The Public Sphere

This has been a problem for me in the past, at least.

16. Thinking Clearly First Thing In The Morning Is Essential

Ever forgotten your phone in the haste to leave your house on time? How about answering important emails while still half asleep? Those tend not to come out quite the way you wanted them to…

17. Say You’re Also An Evening Person And You Like To Have Fun.

When you’re a morning person, too, you can clean up after that fun before it’s time to start having fun again.

18. You Won’t Have To Wait On Epic Lines

If you’re the kind of person who goes out to buy their first caffeine does of the day (or anything else that might generate long lines in the later A.M.), you’ll finally have to wait just five minutes instead of twenty-five.

19. Your Makeup Won’t Have To Look Like The Joker Put It On…

20 Reasons You Wish You Were A Morning Person 1 20 Reasons Why You Wish You Were A Morning Person

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…because you did it in a moving car/train/etc.

20. You Can Feel Less Resentment Towards Everything And Everyone Around You Prior To Noon

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