20 Things People Need To Stop Saying NOW!

1/16/14 4:03PM EST

20 Things People Need To Stop Saying NOW 20 Things People Need To Stop Saying NOW!

We all have those red-button phrases that send us over the edge. Our pulse quickens, blood rushes into our extremities, and all we can do is sit and listen to those awful words that bother us. Let’s band together to stop these evil colloquialisms once and for all. Cause, like legit, some of these are totes getting on my nerves!

1. I’m sooo bored…

Omg I’m like soooo bored!

No you’re just boring. Do you really think you can just sit around and expect the world to constantly entertain you? I could understand if we were living in Medieval Europe, but to be bored now is crazy. Go on the internet. Make friends. Watch a movie. Just for God’s sake please shut up!

2. For Sure (fur sher)

Trying blaze some kush?
For sure.

What originated as annoying Cali slang has now (mostly thanks to Phish tour) made it’s way to the great Mid Atlantic Region. Using “for sure” may start out pretty harmless, but if left unchecked it can spiral out of control and end up tagging everything you say.

3. Swag

20 Things People Need To Stop Saying NOW 20 Things People Need To Stop Saying NOW!

NBC/via tumblr

My swag is on infinity.
-Lil Wayne

Rap fads are always short lived. I’m serious, don’t come crying to me when you’re forced to bury all your “swag” t-shirts in the back of the closet next to your old FUBU jerseys. 05 forever baby!

4. Creeper

Ew. This guy just tried buying me a drink.
Ugh, what a creeper.

No, he’s not a creeper. He’s just a guy who wants to have sex with you. A creeper would be staring into your window while spanking a hairless cabbage patch doll over his knee.

5. Party Foul

(guy drops cup)
Party foul!

Easy party police. We know we dropped a bottle or arranged the seventh cup wrong on the beer pong table. Some of us are just trying to get drunk and have a good time. We don’t need to be under your scrutiny.

6. I’m Just Saying

Dude, I’m just saying…

This particular saying makes me want to kick holes in my walls and burn down the rain forest. The trouble lies in it’s elusive nature. I’ve been in countless arguments (where I was obviously right) and after proving my rightness, the person retorted, “Well I’m just saying.” Saying what? You’re wrong!? This saying has made me understand murder.

7. Rage

Let’s rage tonight!

Easy party-spaz. There’s no need to do every drug in one night. Space that shit out. No need to “candy-flip” or “neon nod” just drink and do your mollies or whatever you kids are taking these days.

8. Amazeballs

Last night was, like, totes amazeballs!

This stems from people over using the word “amazing.” I once saw the sunrise while standing on a volcano 10,000 feet above sea level in Hawaii. That was amazing. The muffin you had with your coffee this morning wasn’t. Amazeballs is just an attempt made by these people to be extra annoying.

9. Tough Economic Times

During these continued tough economic times, writing a sensible, fair budget that provides real opportunities…blah blah blah

This is mostly used by politicians who are trying to justify some bullshit they’re about to pull.

10. Legit

Like, legit, it was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen/heard/felt/saw/done/it-doesn’t-matter

Like, legit, you’re totally over using the word legit. It, legit, doesn’t even make sense to interject the fact that what ever you’re talking about is legal, or confirming to the rules. Because like, legit, that’s what you’re saying.

11. The New Black

Green is the new black.

Apparently this phrase has it’s root’s in the fashion industry. Black clothing is always cool and in-style. I don’t know why, but I always feel a vague racial tension whenever people use this. Though that might just be my own weirdness.

12. Twerk

20 Things People Need To Stop Saying NOW 1 20 Things People Need To Stop Saying NOW!

via tumblr

Omg! I can’t beleive Miley Cyrus twerked last night!

Hopefully this word, and all the little bony white girl butts across America, will soon be laid to rest.

13. Living The Dream

Eh, you know. Just living the dream.

Stop lying. You’re really just battling mild depression and trying to figure out why you’re even here like the rest of us.

14. Building My Empire

Sorry I haven’t returned your calls. I’ve been busy building my empire.

Easy Nero. Opening a second pizza shop doesn’t make you an emperor. It makes you a entrepreneur.

15. No Homo

That shirt looks good on you, bro. No homo.

We get it. You’re not gay. No need to keep reminding everyone around you how “not gay” you are. Nobody thinks you are. Really we don’t.

16. Ratchet

Who let all these ratchet ass hoes into the club?

As soon as you hear white chicks using hip black slang… it’s dead. You just have to pick up the pieces and move on.

17. YOLO

20 Things People Need To Stop Saying NOW 2 20 Things People Need To Stop Saying NOW!

via tumblr

I don’t know. What if I get hurt?
Dude, YOLO.

There’s something about stuffing the reality of our finite mortal existence into an acronym that makes people lose their minds and do stupid shit. Yes. We only live once. Try not to screw it up.

18. Throwing Shade

I could see her throwing shade, but I just ignored it.

This basically means to to send a psy-beam of attitude to whoever you’re beefing with. You can do it verbally or even with a nasty look. The term has been popular in the gay community for a while, but has recently surged in usage due to the “House Wives” reality TV shows.

19. True, True

We should go to the bar.
True, true.

The annoyance behind this phrase typically stems from a serious over use. Or even worse when the speaker drops the “oo” sound for an “ah.” Trah.

20. Totes

I’m totes excited for this weekend!

It’s one thing hearing this type of garbage from a 12 year old girl but I’ve witnessed many women who were on the other side of time using this phrase and I totes can’t stand it.


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