20 Ways To Bag Yourself A Rich Boyfriend

1/6/14 12:07PM EST

20 Ways To Bag Yourself A Rich Boyfriend 20 Ways To Bag Yourself A Rich Boyfriend

Image via Warner Bros./The Great Gatsby

Tired of going dutch on dinner dates because your boyfriend promises to be the next big thing in art…while currently struggling as a delivery boy in Brooklyn? Don’t worry, there are plenty of guys out there who won’t skimp on appetizers because they have to pay rent on their one-room sublet, and here’s how you can find them:

1. Get Temp Jobs At Finance Companies

You’re just a temp, so it’s hardly a conflict of interest

2. Get A Trial Membership At An Expensive Gym

Buff and handsome? Not a bad dating pool

3. Crash Holiday Office Parties At Fortune 500 Companies

If you look cute enough no one will bar your entry—plus everyone brings guests to those things. Figuring out where and when they occur might take some high level Internet research, though.

4. Go To Dog Parks In Nice Neighborhoods

Meeting people through their dogs is so easy it’s stupid.

5. Work At A Country Club

The only obstacle here could be potentially very unflattering uniforms.

6. Waitress At High Stakes Poker Games

These guys spend plenty of money and time on this hobby. If they had a nice woman in their life, they might be inclined to redirect that energy.

7. Be A Summertime Beach Bum In The Hamptons

You’ll at least get a tan.

8. Pose As A “Struggling Model/Actress”

Not only will you make the perfect arm candy for a wealthy man, you will also put a sexy spin on being a charity case.

9. Invest In At Least One Obviously Pricey Outfit

Look the part and you can fit in at any high society gathering…

10. Party At Exclusive Clubs

Only beautiful women and wealthy men allowed.

11. Get A Tricky-To-Heal Injury

If you end up needing to go to a male specialist, he’s probably doing pretty well for himself…

12. Use Dating Websites That Require Users To List Their Net Worth/Annual Income

Cut to the chase, you know?

13. Step In Front Of A Limousine

Not when it’s speeding but just enough so you get nicked and maybe fall gracefully onto a safe spot near the side of the street so that the nice, wealthy gentleman inside will whisk you off your feet…

14. Ask Your Lawyer Father If He Has Any Young Coworkers…

Or even interns. They may not be rich now, but they’re working on it.

15. Waitress At An Upscale Restaurant

Flirting might get you more than a good tip.

16. Don’t Be An Obvious Gold Digger

Having an overt agenda will not exactly win the man’s heart.

17. Go By Yourself To Airport And Hotel Bars

Not everyone can afford to jet around the world and put themselves up in hotels while they do. Businessmen will also travel alone, so they’ll be extra vulnerable to female attention.

18. Find The Guy At The Casino Who The Waitresses Are Doting On

That means he’s dropping lots of cash. See if he wants anyone to share that comped suite with…

19. Go To Temple

Jewish men are all doctors or lawyers.

20. Or JDate

Same principle applies.


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