25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25

12/18/13 1:33PM EST

25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25  25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25

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Congratulations, you’re about to hit the big two five. Do you feel the aches and pains beginning to settle into your bones? Is your biological clock ticking? Do you suddenly have the urge to go back to graduate school or start a serious career? Luckily, you have a bit of time before you must settle down and heed these feelings. In the meantime, here are some things you’ve got to accomplish before your back is too sore and your job closely monitors your vacation time.

1. Quit A Hated Job Dramatically

After 25, you’ll want to get more settled into a career. And if you do hate your post-25 job, dramatic quitting will be considered immature by your boss and will not likely result in a positive reference.

2. Take A Cross-Country Road Trip

Before you’re too busy with work, a life, a relationship (you know, adult commitments), take the chance to explore the humongous country of which you will soon occupy only a tiny part. Who knows, what you discover along the way may set the course for the rest of your life.

3. Hike The Grand Canyon

Why not? It is seriously majestic, a national landmark, and it will give your young mind some perspective on just how massive the rest of the world is.

4. Win A Beer Pong Tournament

That just isn’t something you can brag about past 25… past 22 is even kind of pushing it.

5. Participate In Group Sex (or at least a threesome)

This one requires no justification.

6. Go Streaking

This liberating activity will feel a lot less so once you lose that young body tone (and the freakish ability most young people have to withstand low outdoor temperatures).

7. Live In A Tent At A Music Festival

Your bones won’t be able to handle the hard ground and your ears won’t be able to handle the pumping speakers as you get older.

8. Alter Your Look

Whether you cut or dye your hair, purchase a whole new wardrobe, or even just let your friends call you by that odd nickname they made up, you might as well experiment before you fall too deep into a fixed adult identity.

9. Go Backpacking Around Europe

Beautiful European strangers will stop going for the charming, wandering American thing after you’ve reached a certain age. Plus, the backpack itself can get pretty damn heavy.

10. Date Someone Entirely Out Of Your League

If she’s a ten and you’re a six now, consider that your number might drop after another decade, whereas tens can crop up at any time, in any place.

11. End A Night Of Drinking With A Morning Of Where the F*** Am I?

You won’t have the brain cells to spare for that level of drinking your whole life.

12. Embark On Some Kind Of Reckless Physical Activity

Whether it’s amateur skateboarding or rock climbing, you may as well even break a bone while you’re at it! Thanks to Obama, you’ll still be on your parents’ health insurance for at least another year.

13. Try Practicing Another Religion

Or turning to atheism, which more or less counts as another religion, anyway.

14. Take Some Kind Of Art Or Music Class

You might be gifted, and you should find that out as early on as possible. It will give you more time to pursue a hobby you love or perfect an art form for which you have real talent.

15. Be Someone’s Mentor

It’s important for young people to see a relatively young (but still older) person who is smart and cool and willing to give them the time of day.

16. Pick Out Your Favorite News Website

In the age of constant computer access, where you get your news from is defined more and more by the Internet and less by physical papers. You’ll want to have a source to stick by during those current event conversations.

17. Start Saving Money

Though boring, this is always sound advice, and you’ll regret it later if you don’t.

18. Read A Book Exceeding Five Hundred Pages (besides any in the Harry Potter series)

When you can throw out quotes from Moby Dick in casual conversation, you’ll gain the respect of any intellectual type you might seek to impress.

19. Learn How To Drive Something Other Than A Car

Get behind the wheel of an ATV, snowmobile, airplane, speedboat, or even a bus—who knows when that might be the only vehicle handy in your nail-biting escape from… whom/whatever it is you’re trying to escape from.

20. Go Fishing

Just do it—every man’s got to at some point.

21. Cook, Or At Least Attempt To Cook, A Gourmet Meal

(if you don’t try this before you’re 25, you’re doomed to a life of a frozen pizza…which may not sound bad right now, but think about the correlation between increased age and increased heartburn…)

22. Have Sex Outdoors/In A Public Place

If you get caught, you’ll still have a relatively bangin’ bod for those unsuspecting citizens/cops/park rangers to see.

23. Start Drinking Coffee

It’ll put hair on your chest. Plus, I don’t trust anyone over the age of 25 who doesn’t drink coffee.

24. Learn How To Prevent/Take Care Of A Hangover

Water and Advil before you go to bed? Algae pills? I honestly still have yet to master this one… Coconut water?

25. Learn Another Language

The older you get, the harder this is to do.

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