25 Things You Should Stop Beating Yourself Up About Right Now

4/2/14 11:49AM EST

25 Things To Stop Beating Yourself Up About Right Now 25 Things You Should Stop Beating Yourself Up About Right Now

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“Don’t sweat the small stuff,” my dad always said. Which usually pissed me off because whatever I was sweating was usually small. But I didn’t care, I was upset and could care less about taking things in perspective. Later on, I realized how right he was. Many things that stress us out are just not worth worrying over. They are usually things we can’t control and only make us feel worse about ourselves, when we’re otherwise pretty awesome. Here are 25 things to stop beating yourself up about right now.

1. Not Going To Grad School

Unless you have a very specific purpose for attending, don’t worry about whether you have an advanced degree. Most of those in grad school these days are there because they couldn’t get a job or had no idea what to do after college.

2. Earning Less Than Six-Figures

A larger income may mean a little more financial security but it also means greater responsibilities. Live below your means and you’ll be richer in the long run.

3. Not Getting Into An Ivy League School

The name on your diploma only matters to a very small percentage of employers out there. ¬†Be proud of your degree no matter what school it’s from.

4. Wanting To Quit Your Career To Stay Home With Kids

You have to do what’s right for you and your family. Don’t worry or listen to naysayers.

5. Not Wanting To Quit Your Career To Stay Home With Kids


6. Not Getting Your “Dream Job.”

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The majority of us don’t have a dream job. The point is to keep trying to find the job that makes you happy.

7. Finding Out Your Dream Job Isn’t A Dream

Sometimes, a lucky few actually do nail their “dream job.” And then find out that it’s actually¬†not their dream job. ¬†It’s kind of sad. ¬†But at least they got to experience it and can move on. Most of us are just going to spend our lives striving to find the dream job that we never land. Consider yourself lucky.

8. Getting Dumped By Your Significant Other

Life is not over, I promise. It will feel like it for a short period of time. But consider it a favor. You were not meant to be and that person did you a favor by realizing it for you, just a short time before you would have realized it yourself.

9. Getting Passed Up For That Promotion/Fired

Major bummer but, like the significant other that dumped you, this can sometimes be the best thing that happened to you.

10. Losing A Client/Messing Up A Big Job

Oops. Hopefully this¬†doesn’t¬†result in you getting canned. But be smart about how you make mistakes: own up to it and work to fix it as best as possible.

11. Not Getting To The Gym As Often As You’d Like

We’d all love to have a celebrity bod under that trench coat but let’s face it, we have busy lives that don’t usually come with a personal trainer and chef. ¬†Make mostly good decisions about what you eat and stay at least a little bit active and you’ll be okay.

12. Being A Bad Cook

At least give it a try and learn to make a few things, at minimum to keep yourself alive during the apocalypse or for a date. Eggs are easy and can be made into breakfast, lunch AND dinner.

13. Not Appreciating (Or Even Liking) Wine

Enjoy your whiskey or micro-brew or cranberry juice or whatever it is that you like to drink and don’t even think twice that you have no idea (or interest) in grape varietals, texture or body. Although you should still try to get to wine country at some point, if solely for the food.

14. The Fact That You Could Care Less About Half Of The Popular TV Shows “Everybody” Is Watching

Who has the time to watch all of these shows anyway? If you want to keep up with water cooler chatter, check out a BuzzFeed synopsis and keep yourself apprised of the plot.

15. That You Like Country Music

Ok, you can beat yourself up a little about this one.

16. That Your Kid Is In Daycare/Watches TV/Plays With An iPad.

Parenting equals survival. We all do what we have to do.

17.¬†That You Don’t Actually Make Anything You Post To Pinterest

Seriously some of these people are¬†nuts!¬†Who has time to make all of this stuff? Handmade valentines? DIY furniture? The crockpot recipes might be the only thing you have time for and that’s okay.

18. Deciding That You Actually Hate The Career You Spent The Last 2, 4, 6+ Years Working Towards

25 Things You Should Stop Beating Yourself Up About Right Now 2 25 Things You Should Stop Beating Yourself Up About Right Now

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Life is too long to be wasted in a career you despise so consider yourself lucky to have figured it out so soon.

19. Not Being Married By [Insert Age You Thought You'd Be Married By Here]

Your perfect guy or girl is out there. Focus on being the best you that you can be and he or she will take notice. In the mean time, enjoy yourself. People are attracted to people that are enjoying themselves.

20. That You Don’t Take Vitamins

Today it’s good for you, tomorrow it’s not. Who has time to keep it all straight? Try to eat a variety of foods and you’ll probably end up with all of the nutrients you need. You can pick up some vitamins tomorrow.

21. Falling On Your Face While Trying Something New

Whether literally or figuratively, don’t beat yourself up for making an ass of yourself. Giving something new a try takes guts. Be proud of the fact that you gave it a shot. And try again.

22. Getting Into Financial Trouble

Don’t beat yourself up about it but remember that it’s never too late to get out of debt or turn things around. Just make the decision to start today and put together a plan to execute.

23. Failing To Accomplish Everything On Your “To Do” List

Keep your expectations realistic. Tomorrow is another day.

24. That You Drive A Gas Guzzler

Maybe try to recycle a little more.

25. That You Haven’t Picked Up A Book In Years

There are only so many hours in a day so do with them what you can. Try to keep yourself abreast of current events, at least.


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