3-Hour Orgasm Leads To Enduring Climactic Nightmare For Seattle Woman

3/14/14 4:05PM EST

3 Hour Orgasm Leads To Enduring Climactic Nightmare For Seattle Woman 3 Hour Orgasm Leads To Enduring Climactic Nightmare For Seattle Woman

screen shot via YouTube/TLC

Every woman’s dream turned into one woman’s nightmare when Seattle native Liz experienced a three-hour orgasm that ended up sending her to the hospital. Portrayed on TLC’s show, “Sex Sent Me to the ER,” the couple explored a number of methods to squelch her enduring climax. From drinking wine to jumping up and down, Liz, with the help of her partner Eric (the TLC show does not provide last names), made sure that a trip to the ER was their last resort.

After two orgasmic hours, as reported by New York Daily News, Liz and Eric ended up at the hospital, where Liz’s orgasm stopped in the midst of doctors’ test at hour three of this nightmarish ordeal.

Unfortunately for Liz, the nightmare didn’t end there. The Seattle native experienced spontaneous, extended orgasms on the regular since her first enduring climax. Liz would have up to “twelve, prolonged orgasm a day.”

Liz described the experience as “depressing,” according to the Daily Mail She further explained, “I could sometimes hold it off for a short time by holding my breath, and I would get out of public situations as quickly as possibly. I didn’t run my life–my body ran my life for me.”

While seeing specialist after specialist, Liz went through a variety of medications, starting out with antidepressants. When the spontaneous orgasms failed to cease, Liz kept up with the specialists until she was finally diagnosed with bipolar disorder, the medication for which put both the bipolar symptoms and extended orgasms in check.

On “Sex Sent Me to the ER,” Liz reported that it has now been a year since her last orgasm, and it sounds like she couldn’t be happier. “I don’t live in fear,” Liz said on the show. “I have a really happy sex life and that’s a really great feeling.”

So next time you fail to orgasm during sex, think of Liz’s plight and consider yourself relatively lucky.


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