30 Habits Holding You Back From Success

3/24/14 11:18AM EST

30 Habits Holding You Back From Success 30 Habits Holding You Back From Success

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What’s holding you back from success? Are you wondering why your climb up the corporate ladder is taking longer than you’d like? Or why you’ve been passed over for that promotion at work, again?

Successful people generally possess characteristics that positively impact their lives. But, in addition to that, they live lifestyles brimming with positive habits that also contribute to their success. In your case, you might have a few habits that are actually holding you back. If any of these strike a chord with you, you might want to consider changing your lifestyle a little bit and focusing on ways to decrease habits that are holding you back from success.

1. Living excessively: drinking, spending, etc.
2. Starting your day late.
3. Work-a-holism
4. Hanging onto toxic relationships.
5. Refusing to be a team player.
6. Eating crap.
7. A cluttered desk.
8. Skipping breakfast.
9. Not getting enough sleep.
10. Disorganization in your personal life.
11. Always thinking inside the box.
12. Failing to take responsibility for mistakes.
13. Poor grooming habits or personal hygiene.
14. Always saying “yes.”
15. Lying.
16. Forgetting people’s names.
17. Lack of a knowledge of worldly events (at least a few).
18. Inability to maintain a conversation.
19. Poor grammar.
20. Boastfulness.
21. Fearful of change.
22. Let people walk all over you.
23. Stubbornness.
24. Pridefulness.
25. Never asking for help.
26. Being overly conservative.
27. A weak handshake.
28. Inability to relax.
29. Lack of personal interests.
30. Ungratefulness.


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