4chan User Livestreams Suicide Attempt (Video)

12/2/13 11:37AM EST

4chan User Livestreams Suicide Attempt Video 4chan User Livestreams Suicide Attempt (Video)

Image via LiveLeak

A longtime 4chan user tried to take his own life Saturday with 200 people watching via live video stream.

The man, operating under the username LOLdoge and going by Stephen, posted before the incident that he planned to “an hero,” 4chan slang for committing suicide. He wrote, “As an oldfag who’s been on 4chan since 2004, I thought I would finally give back to the community. I am willing to an hero on cam for you all.”

The soundless video shows the man, about 20 years old, using a toaster to start a small fire and then crawling under his bed. At another point, Stephen consumed a combination of vodka and pills, all while 200 people – the maximum allowed by the streaming site – continued to watch.

The room is seen filling up with smoke, and the screen goes almost entirely black. That is, until the final minute or so of the video, when firefighters can be seen entering the room and carrying Stephen away.

The entire incident raises a lot of questions, most notably, Did he die? The internet is abuzz with speculation as to Stephen’s fate.

Those who believe Stephen survived think he was a student of the University of Guelph in Ontario, according to The Daily Dot. The Guelph Mercury reported that a dorm resident suffered “serious but non-life threatening injuries” after a fire around 8 p.m. Saturday.

The hacker collective Anonymous claims Stephen actually died, citing a news story about a Pittsburgh house fire. The man involved in that fire was pronounced dead at the scene.

In true 4chan fashion, the video now has a poll where viewers can vote on their opinions. The poll is labeled “Did he died?” and currently has 30 votes in the affirmative and 47 votes for no.

The morbidly curious among us can view the video in its entirety below.