6-Year-Old Riley Pearson Expelled From School Because His Packed Lunch Failed To Meet Standards

2/19/14 4:08PM EST

6 Year Old Riley Pearson Expelled From School Because His Packed Lunch Failed To Meet Standards 6 Year Old Riley Pearson Expelled From School Because His Packed Lunch Failed To Meet Standards

Riley Pearson/Image via GoPetition.com

Riley Pearson was expelled from his school thanks to the contents in his lunchbox. The six-year-old British boy was first suspended from Coinbrook C of E Primary School when teachers saw him whip out a bag of Mini Cheddars from his lunch. Then the school expelled the boy over the persistent breach of school policy. Apparently, he brought too much junk food in his packed lunches.

The school’s headmaster Jeremy Meek met up with Pearson’s parents after the first incidence before subsequently suspending the boy for nearly a week.  After the parents contacted the media, the boy and his younger brother were banned from school. The boys parents were understandably mad about the situation.

I’m just devastated,” Riley’s father told The Daily Mail. “He rang and told me the decision had been made to exclude Riley permanently and we had given the school a bad reputation because of the media coverage. He also said the funded sessions Jayden has at the school’s pre school were being withdrawn too. I think he’s a coward for not telling me to my face.”

The school claims it was more than just the Mini Cheddars in his lunch, it claimed Riley kept bringing unhealthy food to school when the policy clearly states otherwise. The school’s healthy food policy was stated back in 2012 and letters were sent to parents reminding them not to pack foods like candy, chocolates, soda pop, or chips.

The boy’s mother, Natalie Mardle, believes the school has no place to tell her what to feed her child. She also stated that her son is underweight and could gain a few pounds. Riley’s lunchbox staples included a sandwich, yogurt, cheese spread snack, Mini Cheddars, and a bottle of water. Mardle added her son eats plenty of fruits and vegetable at home.

The school stands by its decision. Coinbrook C of E Primary School said in a statement it was disappointed with the media’s misrepresentation of the matter.

If we are faced with a situation where a parent threatens to send a pupil into school with insufficient food to sustain them throughout the school day, it is a risk we simply cannot afford to happen,” the school clearly stated.

The school added in the statement that student expulsion is used only as a last resort when all other options failed. Riley kept breaking the school’s policy and his parents made it clear they had no intentions of following the policy.

Interestingly enough, the school’s headmaster Meek fed McDonald’s to about 100 students a few weeks prior to expelling Pearson. A recent report emerged that students ate fast food for lunch after a break-in left the school’s canteen empty. Although Pearson’s father called out Meek for hypocrisy, the school claims it had to source hot lunches for their students on short notice and the students ate fish fingers instead of burgers.


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