Apple Announces The Unveiling Of CarPlay This Week

3/3/14 12:56PM EST

Apple Announces The Unveiling of CarPlay This Week Apple Announces The Unveiling Of CarPlay This Week

Image via Apple

This week will see Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo demonstrate Apple’s CarPlay system at the Geneva Auto Show. The system links the iPhone with the vehicle’s in-dash display granting drivers access to the phone’s maps, music, and messages. Let’s hope that includes Google Maps rather than Apple’s offering of its own mapping program that has me physically writing this in Panama while my phone appears to be in Norway.

Apple says it expects over a dozen other major auto manufacturers to follow suit in the future and that three European partners along with Honda, Hyundai and Jaguar will offer CarPlay in certain models by the end of the year.

CarPlay will only function with iPhone 5S, 5C, and 5 running the current version of iOS 7. Using the voice of that little minx Siri, drivers will be read messages by that computer generated sexpot and can direct her to compose messages or place a call hands-free. CarPlay will be connected to the iPhone through a push and hold button on the steering wheel.

This is yet another battlefield between Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. With over 80 million new cars and trucks sold each year the two companies are each presented with a significant new opportunity for Internet-based software and services where Apple and Google are already competing. The clout of these two giants is undeniable, and could even lead consumers to purchase their car based on their preferred operating system and smartphone.

The 84th Geneva Motor Show opens its doors to journalists on Tuesday, and to the public on Thursday. It runs through March 16.


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