Blake Griffin Is A Freak… Just In Case You Didn’t Already Know (Video)

1/7/14 10:34AM EST

Blake Griffin Is A Freak Just In Case You Didnt Already Know Video Blake Griffin Is A Freak... Just In Case You Didnt Already Know (Video)

screen shot via YouTube/NBA

Every time the Clippers play, you know that Blake Griffin is good for at least one or two plays a game that are absolute jaw-droppers. Tonight’s Clippers-Magic game was no exception. Check out these two clips:

First, we have Blake Griffin showing off some filthy ball-handling. Clearly, that is one part of his game that has improved a lot this season. He’s looking like a slightly-taller version of Magic Johnson out there.

What’s a Blake Griffin highlight post without a rim-rattler? Lob City is in full effect.

There are actually some rumors of a Carmelo-for-Griffin trade. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that one to happen.


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