Boy Run Over By Car Walks Away Like Nothing Happened (Video)

1/23/14 3:28PM EST

Boy Run Over By Car Walks Away Like Nothing Happend Video Boy Run Over By Car Walks Away Like Nothing Happened  (Video)

A little boy and his grandmother were run over by a car in Brazil, and both lived to tell the tale relatively unscathed.

Footage from the incident shows Vilma Nascimento and her five-year-old grandson Joao walking along the street holding hands. A short way down the road, a car can be seen heading in their direction. The car begins swerving when another car attempts to pull out from a side street. The car careens out of control, hits a parked car, and drags the parked car alongside it.

The parked car strikes the pair as they attempt to hurry out of its path, and it looks as though Vilma puts herself between Joao and the car. They’re both flattened to the ground. It appears the boy’s head goes right under a tire, and the woman’s legs are run over repeatedly.

Joao wastes no time, popping up from the sidewalk as soon as the car is off him and rushing to his grandmother’s side.

Amazingly enough, Joao suffered no injuries, according to The Independent. He was released from the hospital the same day after routine tests. And Vilma was discharged just a day later after suffering minor wounds to her feet and legs.


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