Brooklyn Man Arrested After Violently Kicking A Cat In Graphic Video

5/6/14 11:09AM EST

Brooklyn Man Arrested After Violently Kicking A Cat In Graphic Video Brooklyn Man Arrested After Violently Kicking A Cat In Graphic Video

screen shot via Facebook

21-year-old Andre Robinson was arrested Monday after cops identified him as the man viciously kicking a cat in a graphic video posted on Facebook. Outraged viewers were able to help determine that the video had been filmed in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn by pinpointing the location of the scaffolding company visible in the background. Police in the 81st Precinct of Bed-Stuy were able to identify Robinson from there due to his previous criminal record, which includes eight prior arrests, including one for knifepoint robbery in 2011. He was charged with aggravated animal cruelty for the incident caught on tape.

Even with his past criminal history, Robinson’s mother, Mary Kirby, expressed shock and sheer disbelief to the NY Daily News that her son could have done anything like this, blaming it on an outside influence.

“He had to be high on something. It’s very out of his character,” Kirby said.

“He had to be high to do what he did. This isn’t him. He loves animals. He loved his cats, he had dogs, he always loved them.”

Police were unable to say if they had found the cat, but the arrest report says that Robinson’s violent kick sent the poor animal flying some 20 feet into the air most likely causing serious injury.

People outraged by the act of animal cruelty had been posting comments and resharing the video in hopes that someone would recognize Robinson. There was also an online petition with more than 2,000 signatures, according to NY Daily News.

In the video recorded by one of his friends, Robinson is seen luring the cat in with mock affection, looking as if he wants to feed the feline, before he forcefully kicks the cat and celebrates what he’s done.

See the video below, but be warned: It is disturbing.


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