Cat On A Skateboard? Cat On A Skateboard! (Video)

1/31/14 11:10AM EST

Cat On A Skateboard Cat On A Skateboard Video Cat On A Skateboard? Cat On A Skateboard! (Video)

screenshot via YouTube/CATMANTOO

Meet Didga, the world’s most extreme cat. Didga is just a lil’ guy, (or girl, my cat anatomy game is lacking) who can really shred it on the skateboard. With a cameraman, a skateboard, and thankfully, a lack of stray dogs in the neighborhood, Didja hits the town for a relaxing skate. By the way, Didga is pronounced Did-Ja, as in “Didga see that cat skate by? Am I really this high?” No, you’re not that high. That is a cat on a skateboard. What a world we live in.

If you can stomach the weak soundtrack, you’re in for a treat. Some highlights: 1. Didga stopping periodically to parkour on random obstacles. 2. Look out Didga, there’s a Rottweiler in the way! (But it’s on a leash. I wanted to see Didga’s survival skills put to the test.) 3. All of the passers-by pointing and gawking at Didga. Thankfully, none of them were catnappers. Robert Dollwet made this video. Dollwet is a cat trainer, which is a job I didn’t know existed up until about 30 seconds ago. Apparently Dollwet is a pretty good cat trainer, seeing as how he taught this cat to ride a damn skateboard. Personally, I’m not too impressed. Yeah, this cat can skate, but let’s see it hang-glide. I won’t hold my breath, Dollwet.


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