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Grocery Store Employee’s Kind Deed Goes Viral

One Florida Publix grocery-store employee is getting all kinds of Internet love today. According to a picture that’s now gone …

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Two Southerners Spoil A Deer, And The World Collectively Smiles (Video)

This video adds a respectable level of cute to your morning, with what I assume it’s safe to call two …

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DMX Rides Sling Shot Like A Gangsta! (Video)

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Selling crack in the streets of Yonkers is one thing, but amusement parks …

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Take A Tour Inside A Ramen Noodles Factory And Learn How They’re Made (Video)

Ramen. The name conjures up visions of a cheap plastic-wrapped block of dehydrated noodles that are a staple in college …

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Illusionist Eric Leclerc Can Read Your Mind Through The Screen With Card Trick (Video)

Eric Leclerc is an illusionist, which I’m guessing is a magician who doesn’t believe in magic. Tragic really, though his …

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