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Take A Look At How Stunning ‘Futurama’ Looks Rendered In 3D (Video)

“Futurama” is back. Well, kind of — but it is looking cooler than ever. In a 31-second video titled “Futurama …

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This Water Park In Germany Built In An Old Military Airship Hangar Has The Largest Indoor Rain Forest In The World (Video)

So, you know that Germany is pretty awesome at soccer by now. If you’re maybe planning on hitting some non-World …

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8 Amazing Benefits Of Eating Avocados That Will Have You Reaching For The Guac

Avocados are nature’s true superfood. Call it a fruit or a vegetable (it’s really a fruit, though), you can pretty …

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Colbie Callait’s New Music Video Takes A Shot At Photoshop And Proves Women Are Beautiful Just The Way They Are

Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter Colbie Callait is back, and her first single is making a powerful statement about how she …

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This Video Of A Woman Surprising Her Stepdad With A Vintage Porsche Is Just What You Need To Start The Week

One woman just won the award for World’s Best Daughter, when she surprised her stepdad with a classic Porsche 914; just …

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8 Things Louis CK Taught Us About Life

Why do people tend to shut up and listen when Louis CK talks? Three reasons seem to stand out: For …

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