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Why Having Less In NYC Will Make You A Better Person

In a city of plenty, most people live with less in The Big Apple: less space, less money, less luxury. …

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20 Things Men Will Never Understand About Women

Hi there, ladies. First off, let me explain that I’m not here to complain about you. Well, not too much, …

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40 Things Men Think After Sex

You know the moment. Seconds after blowing your load and rolling off of her, the blood starts making its way …

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30 Things You Should Know Before Moving To NYC

You’ve always dreamed of becoming a Broadway star or the next Carrie Bradshaw or [insert typical NYC job of your …

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5 Simple Life Lessons We Heard As Kids That We Should Really Listen To As Adults

Experience is always the best teacher  — didn’t someone once say something like that? It’s unfortunate that human beings stubbornly …

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Why Every 20-Something Needs To Move At Least Once Before Settling Down

The real truth of adulthood is that it usually doesn’t begin until you walk across the stage with diploma in …

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