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8 Insane Things You Will Encounter After College Graduation

Every year, new college grads or students starting their senior year of college are bombarded with lists of ways to …

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This Video Will Have You Wondering If We Can Auto-Correct Humanity

Rapper Prince Ea is not happy about the current state of technology — primarily the part where it rules our …

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25 Things Women Actually Talk About At Brunch

When you picture women’s brunch talk, your mind may automatically ping over to “Sex and the City,” wherein Carrie, Samantha, …

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5 Things Americans Want Right Now

The desires of Americans change with the passing of time. From the new cars and refrigerators of the 1940s and …

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Social Media Addiction: 3 Signs You’ve Got It Bad

We often laugh and joke about silly addictions: caffeine, junk food, smartphones, etc. We consider them to be in a different …

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