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Meet Coolest: The All-In-One Portable Cooler You Never Knew You Always Wanted

Coolest is the name of, what just might be, the coolest portable cooler to hit the market yet. Called the …

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Meet Jibo: The Family Robot That Wants To Make Your Life Easier

Ever wish you could just hire someone to be your extra helping hand all the time? Someone who would take …

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This Cute And Cuddly Stuffed Bear Is Actually A Creepy Sex Toy

There are weird sex toys, and then there are WEIRD sex toys. A teddy bear that’s also your go-to pleasure …

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The Vessyl Cup Knows What You’re Drinking And Will Help You Become Smarter About What You Put Into Your Body

There are plenty of calorie trackers and fitness apps to help you know more about what you’re eating and how …

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Would You Wear A ‘Smart Hoodie’ That Could Text?

In an attempt to see how far people can push the boundaries of smart technology, two NYU graduate students came …

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