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Most Men Get Scared When They Hear ‘I Love You’… But This Is Just Creepy (Vine)

Was this guy startled? Or did he just ejac in his speedo? I need answers.

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How To Make A Glow Stick (Vine)

This kinda freaks me out considering I’ve eaten all of these things at one point in my life. Yup even …

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Greatest Vines of 2013 (So Far)

Watching Vines never gets old. But, clicking through a series of 6-second videos to find the good ones can be …

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Don’t Bother A Man When He’s Eating His Cereal (Vine)

I hate when people get all up in my business while I’m trying to enjoy my favorite breakfast cereal. Good …

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Man’s Reaction To Strangers Touch On The Subway Is Priceless (Vine)

For most subway riders, a fear of being touched by a stranger is probably up there with any other phobia. …

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