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Guy Hallucinating On Drugs Jumps Off Roof, Thinking He Was Diving Into A Pool (Warning: Graphic Video)

A Turkish man who is believed to have been high on a cheap street drug known as Bonzai recently jumped …

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Mexican Man Accidentally Shoots Himself In The Head While Taking A Selfie

Apparently selfies aren’t just annoying. They’re also dangerous. The New York Daily News reported that a 21-year-old veterinarian recently died …

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Watch This Kid Jump Off A 5-Story Building Into A Pool (Video)

This is like a horror movie for those of us who don’t have healthcare. Completely unnecessary, but still pretty cool …

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Man Jumps Into 5-On-1 Girl Fight And Proceeds To Destroy Anything In His Path (Video)

It’s unknown how the guy in this video is related to the girl getting beat up, but one thing is …

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Mexico City Train Driver is Caught Playing FarmVille At The Wheel (Video)

Hmmm. Maybe there’s more than one reason passengers are separated from the train operators… One Mexico City train driver was …

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