Denny’s Tweet Rubs Some Salt In Auburn Fans’ Wounds

1/7/14 12:19PM EST

Dennys Tweet Rubs Some Salt In Auburn Fans Wounds Dennys Tweet Rubs Some Salt In Auburn Fans Wounds

Image via Twitter/DennysDiner

After an uneventful first half, the second half of the BCS National Championship Game at the Rose Bowl was a roller-coaster, with several lead changes and explosive plays. Unfortunately for the #2-ranked Auburn Tigers, they would not leave Pasadena with the trophy. Heisman winner Jameis Winston engineered a pretty solid 4th-quarter comeback (but getting a 100-yard kick return touchdown from fellow freshman Levonte Whitfield had a lot to do with it.) Perhaps realizing that they will always be second fiddle to Waffle House in the South, Denny’s took a chance after the game to take a jab at Auburn fans.

So, there’s 47 Denny’s restaurants between Pasadena and Auburn. I’m not too sure that Denny’s management wants to give such a detailed map of their franchises to a bunch of disgruntled SEC fans, but oh well. I’ve always been more of an IHOP guy, anyway.