Dude! There’s A Lion In Your Trunk (Video)

2/24/14 4:30PM EST

After being stuck in a traffic jam on Dubai’s main highway Sheikh Zayed, one motorist was probably really surprised when he looked into the car in front to glare angrily at the back of the driver’s head and instead saw a lion prowling around in the trunk. Now, I don’t know much about cars, but apparently the Nissan Armada comes with a free lion, which is pretty sweet. The owner must have switched cup holders for the big cat or something.

In the short clip the lion is seen attempting to get comfortable in the cramped space, though there doesn’t appear to be any bars protecting the driver. Apparently, sites such as this are not uncommon in the Unites Arab Emirates as a picture of a tiger hanging out the passenger window of a top of the line Range Rover also became a viral hit.


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