Eighth-Grader Makes An Impossible Shot… Twice (Video)

1/16/14 9:43AM EST

Eighth Grader Makes An Impossible Shot Twice Video Eighth Grader Makes An Impossible Shot... Twice (Video)

screen shot via YouTube

Easton Gamoke is a 14-year-old from from Winona, Minnesota. Yes, that is his real name. These Post-Millennial baby names are getting ridiculous, but that’s a rant for another day. Anyway, Gamoke was playing in a tournament down in Holmen, Wisconsin, last weekend in a real nail-biter. With the score tied 44-all and the clock ticking down to zero, Gamoke lofted up the desperation heave to end all desperation heaves.

“OH MY GOOOOOSH!” is right. Wow, that Wisconsin/Minnesota accent sounds particularly jarring on tape. CBS noticed the footage, and went out to Gamoke’s school to interview the shooting sensation. When prompted to give his one-in-a-million shot another go-around, he rose to the occasion.

Division Two schools are reportedly clamoring to get this kid signed. Who would win in a one-on-one? Gamoke or either of the Newmans?


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