Fantasy Football Loser Got This Terrible Tattoo

1/6/14 11:53AM EST

Fantasy Football Loser Got This Terrible Tat Fantasy Football Loser Got This Terrible Tattoo

Image via Twitter/VictorG_103

Way back in September, we brought to you the story of a group of Nebraska men and their high-stakes Fantasy Football league. The loser in their league gets to have their losing season commemorated in permanent ink somewhere on their body. The winner chooses the tattoo design, but mercifully, the loser gets to choose where their Tat-Of-Shame gets drawn. Since the 2013 NFL regular season wrapped up two weeks ago, it’s tattoo time for one unlucky bastard in Nebraska.

It doesn’t matter if you look for five seconds or five minutes, that image will be burned into your retinas for a few months. Yeah, that’s a bra-clad man riding on a wrecking ball fashioned from Jay Leno’s head while doing his best Miley impression. This poor soul is now in elite company with the ten or so other people in the world who have the word “twerking” tattooed on their body.


You seriously managed to spell Stanford wrong in the headline... wow. 

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