Florida Teacher Fired for Allegedly Ordering ‘Hit’ On Student

4/15/14 12:07PM EST

Florida Teacher Fired for Allegedly Ordering Hit On Student Florida Teacher Fired for Allegedly Ordering Hit On Student

screen shot via CBS 12

In a scene worthy of a mob movie, surveillance video shows a middle-aged teacher stroll through the halls of her elementary school “giving a sign.” Moments later, a boy who had disrespected her in class is pummeled by a group of older students, then dragged through the hall to apologize to her. The teacher has been fired for allegedly ordering the attack, according to a report by CBS 12 News.

This attack took place at an elementary school in Port St. Lucie, Florida, early last spring, after a teacher named Dru Dehart became fed up with the behavior of Radravious Williams, who reportedly told her he wanted to curse her out in class. The seventh grader learned his lesson shortly thereafter in the hallway of the school when students far bigger than Williams surrounded the youngster and beat him to the ground. Afterwards, they dragged him through the hall where he allegedly was forced to apologize to “the Godmother” for the affront.

Though the video footage cannot verify the teacher’s order of the “hit,” Port St. Lucie school board investigators had no question Dehart was behind the attack. In addition, the teacher was accused of manipulating her henchmen’s memories with respect to the incident, creating another layer to the sordid story. School board officials worry about the effects on the students who carried out the attack in tribute to their school teacher. One representative described the boys who roughed up Williams as “victims” themselves.

Dehart was suspended without pay when the story surfaced along with the video in fall 2013. She was officially fired on April 10, 2014 after the school board reviewed the case. The family of Radravius Williams is filing a federal civil rights lawsuit following the attack. Dehart is not expected to return to the classroom in the future.


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