Goldman Sachs Elevator Loses Book Deal

3/7/14 10:59AM EST

Goldman Sachs Elevator Loses Book Deal Goldman Sachs Elevator Loses Book Deal

screen shot via Twitter/GSElevator

The man behind the notorious Goldman Sachs Elevator Twitter account has lost his book deal. The book, “Straight to Hell: True Tales of Deviance and Success in the World of Investment Banking,” was set to tell the stories of Goldman Sachs insiders, as overheard in the firm’s elevators by a mystery man.

As of last week, that man’s identity was revealed to be John Lefevre, a former Citi banker who never actually worked at Goldman. Touchstone, a division of Simon and Schuster, cancelled Lefevre’s contract after news reports circulated that he was never employed by the firm he tweeted about.

In a statement regarding the cancelled deal, Simon and Schuster said,

In light of information that has recently come to our attention since acquiring John Lefevre’s STRAIGHT TO HELL, Touchstone has decided to cancel its publication of this work.”

The news comes as a surprise to Lefevre, who told Business Insider, “It’s just a comical mystery to me.” According to Lefevre, Touchstone had continued to stand by his project amid the media frenzy.

Just two days ago Lefevre authored a post on Business Insider, where he met claims that he’s a fraud or hoax with a laugh. He said, “My focus has been to entertain and enlighten, without being completely devoid of substance and insight.”

The real Goldman Sachs might have had the last laugh with this epic tweet:


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