Guy Hallucinating On Drugs Jumps Off Roof, Thinking He Was Diving Into A Pool (Warning: Graphic Video)

8/13/14 5:14PM EST

A Turkish man who is believed to have been high on a cheap street drug known as Bonzai recently jumped off a roof, thinking he was diving into a swimming pool. The man sadly ignored pleas from onlookers who begged him not to jump. Already wearing a bathing suit, the man was determined to take a leap into the giant pool that he thought existed directly below him.

Apparently, Bonzai is similar to the fake weed people buy at gas stations or from other shady retailers. According to neurosurgeon Hamit Aytar, “Bonzai is a synthetic cannabinoid, an agent that causes serious levels of anxiety, paranoia, delusion and chest pains. It leads to heart failure and uncontrollable bleeding, and in most cases it ends with a painful death.”

Definitely doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.