‘Help I Have The Flu’ Facebook App Tells Flu Patients Who To Blame

1/8/13 1:57PM EST


What the best cure for the aches, chills, sniffles, cough and stuffy head that comes with the flu? How about revenge against the person who gave it to you? Easier said than done, right? Flu viruses spread so easily it’s hard to track down their source. A new Facebook app offers to solve the mystery.

The “Help, I Have the Flu” app scans friends’ Facebook profiles for references to “sneezing,” “vomiting,” “coughing,” and other flu-like symptoms, as well as any check-ins at the local pharmacy or doctor’s office, to help locate Patient Zero. The app then compares various flu sufferers’ check-ins with your own to determine the most likely culprit of your malady.

The app even allows users to send a message to virus-spreaders. Be nice! Remember they are sick, too!

[Image via HelpIHaveTheFlu/Facebook]