High School Basketball Fans Taunt Indian Opponent, Chant ‘We Want Slurpees’ (Video)

1/29/14 10:46AM EST

High School Basketball Fans Taunt Indian Opponent Chant We Want Slurpees Video High School Basketball Fans Taunt Indian Opponent, Chant We Want Slurpees (Video)

screen shot via WROC News 8

There’s nothing like weekday night high school basketball games under the fluorescent lights in Upstate New York. The atmosphere can’t be beat. Okay, so high school basketball games are pretty weak and everyone knows it. Completely unlike the atmosphere of a college basketball game, where kids get shitfaced drunk and scream absolutely horrible things at the opposing teams, high school games are monitored by the watchful eye of very well-paid babysitters- I mean- school administrators. During last Friday’s game between Pittsford-Southerland and Brighton, a Brighton player of Indian descent was taunted by some troublemakers on the other side and were quickly removed from the stands. WROC News 8 in Rochester has some video of the incident. Check out what they yell at this kid while he’s sinking free throws:


You seriously managed to spell Stanford wrong in the headline... wow. 

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