Images Of Amazon’s Game Controller Allegedly Leaked

3/14/14 2:27PM EST

Images Of Amazons Game Controller Allegedly Leaked Images Of Amazons Game Controller Allegedly Leaked

Image via Zatz Not Funny

Images first posted on blog Zatz Not Funny reveal an Amazon-branded game controller. The images, which come from a Brazilian agency similar to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), reveal a low-quality Xbox-like controller with a host of multimedia buttons. While amazon isn’t known for their aesthetics when it comes to designing hardware, they do know how to make low-cost hardware well.

According to TechCrunch, the Amazon controller will not ship with Amazon’s forthcoming set-top box. It will be an item that’s sold separately and will apparently work with Amazon’s Kindle devices as well.

There is little known about Amazon’s set-top box. It’s speculated that the box will support 3rd party apps like Netflix, but will ultimately be used to push Amazon’s own offerings on the device.

The device will not only control media functions, but also work as a gaming controller, as Amazon has shown interest in entering the gaming market. Amazon recently purchased video game developer Double Helix.

There is no word on when the Amazon controller or set-top box will hit the market, but the leaked images corroborate rumors that a release date is imminent.


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