J.R. Smith’s Best Move Of The Night… Untying Shawn Marion’s Shoe (Video)

1/6/14 10:26AM EST

JR Smiths Best Move Of The Nigh Untying Shawn Marions Shoe Video J.R. Smiths Best Move Of The Night... Untying Shawn Marions Shoe (Video)

Image via YouTube screenshot

On the road in Dallas on Sunday, the Knicks took a 92-80 win over the Mavs. The Knicks had to pull a few tricks out of their sleeve to get it done, though. Veteran guard J.R. Smith only had seven points, seven boards and three assists, but his best move of the night won’t show up in the stat line.

Watch closely at the beginning of the video, or you’ll miss it. While Dirk Nowitzki was at the line, Smith bent down and unties Shawn Marion’s shoes. Veteran move.


You seriously managed to spell Stanford wrong in the headline... wow. 

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