Jamie Dimon’s Holiday Card Is Hectic, Panoramic Perfection

12/18/13 12:24PM EST

Jamie Dimons Holiday Card Is Hectic Panoramic Perfection Jamie Dimons Holiday Card Is Hectic, Panoramic Perfection

Image via Twitter/Zach Seward

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and his family have outdone themselves with their holiday card this year.

The clan — which includes wife Judy, daughters Kara, Laura and Julia, son-in-law Joey, and the family dog— are playing tennis in the lively and yellow-tinted scene. Most of the family members appear multiple times in the picture, laughing and smiling in each frame.

The back of the card reads, “All you need is love,” according to Quartz.

The Dimons had a similar card last year. That card was much more muted in color and tone, with family members imitating the paintings behind them instead of tearing the living room apart. I think the Dimons upgraded this year.