Japanese Men Love Their Dolls More Than Real Women

2/27/14 2:04PM EST

Japanese Men Love Their Dolls More Than Real Women Japanese Men Love Their Dolls More Than Real Women

screen shot via YouTube/Vocativ

New statistics have revealed that 1/3 of Japanese men under the age of thirty have never dated. This is such a wide spread phenomenon that the countries’ media has taken to naming the pandemic “Sekkusu Shinai Shokogun,” meaning “celibacy syndrome. But many straight Japanese men are not simply disinterested in partaking in a romantic relationship, it’s that they err, they aren’t dating real women.

Meet Hatsune Miku, a fictional character first created for a sound synthesiser programme who is now considered a be a girlfriend to many Japanese men. If you can think of a product, from toothbrushes to bikes, then theirs probably a version with Hatsune’s face on it. These guys love her, with one man claiming to Vocativ, he spends 80 to 90 percent of his income on her – or rather, merchandise with her on it. Vocativ covered this topic in a recent video titled Japan’s “Living” Dolls.

It’s an innocent enough interest, although we may find it a bit odd. Many fear their will be long term ramifications due to men shunning more conventional relationships. Japan’s birthrate is declining rapidly which may be partly to do with many men choosing nijigen girlfriends over real women. I personally wonder what those real women think of this craze, and why these men are not more interested in relationships in which they are genuinely loved by another human being?


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