LuLu App Brings Cyberstalking To A New Level-For Women Only

LuLu App Brings Cyberstalking To A New Level-For Women Only

Image via Lulu/iTunes

Image via Lulu/iTunes

If you live in a small town—or the world of a television soap opera—there are no dating surprises. Everyone knows everything about everyone else. So if a guy has problems in the bedroom, or elsewhere for that matter, everyone knows before the first date thanks to the grapevine.

No such in most of the world where people enjoy some level of anonymity. Now, thanks to a new app called LuLu, women can rate men on looks, sexual abilities, commitment level and several other categories, making the information available to others who might consider said gentleman as a prospective partner.

To use LuLu, ladies simply need to link their Facebook account to the app and select past hookups among their Facebook friends. The app will provide a short quiz which rates the men 1-10 in various categories. Forever after, other women can check the man’s LuLu profile to gather information on the chap’s worthiness. Does he have a clean bathroom? Is he a good kisser? What about the size of his member?

Sorry guys, you can’t check out your own profile, so you’ll have no idea what ladies are reading about you. The LuLu app is only available to those who have demarked their Facebook profile as female. Let the stalking begin.

Samantha Lile
  • NormalHuman

    I hate this planet.

  • Here’s the problem – and we’ve covered it in our blog and twitter feed. Lulu promote anonymity. But in their terms and conditions, they require you to get the permission from every person you rate. In other words, they are advertising one thing, then trying to cover their asses with making you legally responsible if the guy you upload decides he doesn’t like his personal data distributed around.

  • ticklishquill

    So Cyber Stalking by Lulu is acceptable, and even the writers over at Jezabel, Frisky and other Feminist(sic) venues say so. The Double standards coming from WASP (White Angry Superior & Proud Of It) Feminists is quite amazing. 

    #CyberStalkingIsForWASPFeminists – the hastag that they will not want to trend.