Man Caught On Camera Slinging Baby Through The Air (Video)

5/1/14 4:08PM EST

In the latest disturbing news, a man in China was caught on camera slinging a baby into the air for no apparent reason. The dramatic video from security footage outside a shop in the city of Huainan was originally posted on Chinese video sharing site by someone who claims to be a family member of the baby.

The 30-second video shows a quick series of events beginning with a man in all black walking into a store presumably from the parking lot shown off-camera; he’s soon followed by a woman who comes out of a door next to the shop, frantically running in after him. A baby, said to be about 12-months-old, dawdles out after the woman lingering outside the store, while three more men — all from different directions — run inside after the woman and man.

Shortly after, the man in all black comes running out of the shop, grabs the child and flings him into an area off-camera for no apparent reason. Reports say that the man was involved in a fight with the owner of the shop, which is not seen on tape.

The baby survived the incident but suffered serious injuries and is being treated at a hospital, according to reports. It’s unclear who was responsible for the baby, and the man is said to be still at large.


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