Man Jumps Into 5-On-1 Girl Fight And Proceeds To Destroy Anything In His Path (Video)

7/28/14 11:02AM EST

It’s unknown how the guy in this video is related to the girl getting beat up, but one thing is for certain: He is definitely stronger than all of these other women. Watch as he displays his physical prowess over a group of vicious chicks who are ganging up on one girl. His entrance alone is legendary. Who else can say they’ve greeted a pack of girls with a flying knee? Despite having multiple plates smashed over his head and a big blue Tupperware container smashed in his face, the lone domestic assailant rises above and triumphs. Luckily, a few bystanders finally nut up and pull him out of the restaurant.

The verdict behind this man’s actions are murky. Some will say the girls had it coming, while others will say the guy is a maniac who should be put away. Here’s what I do know—two wrongs don’t make a right, but they do make for an awesome viral video.