Man Tries to Hijack Car From Woman And Children, Receives Massive Beat-Down Instead (Video)

7/14/14 2:34PM EST

A carjacker in the neighborhood of City Heights, San Diego got a heaping dose of karma this weekend when a group of civilians took matters into their own hands to show him some justice.

A video shows the dramatic scene unfold as a man, identified as the carjacker, is ambushed by a group of men and dragged out of the car as he attempts to take off with it. A woman can be seen quickly unbuckling her seatbelt and getting out of a red car as children cry in the background.

The man is dragged out of the car and beaten viciously until a police officer arrives at the scene to handcuff and take him away.

“He just jumped on the car and tried to take it, man.” A witness off-camera tells the police officer about the carjacker, who goes on to say that it isn’t the first time he’s committed the act.

Why you f**** bragging about that shit, man? You a f*** man, you gotta jack shit from women?”

The women and children were reportedly shaken up and checked out by EMT’s, but endured no physical harm according to the YouTube video’s description information. The carjacker was handcuffed and taken into custody.