Marijuana-Infused Pizza Now On Sale In Vancouver

4/2/14 12:53PM EST

Marijuana Infused Pizza Now On Sale In Vancouver Marijuana Infused Pizza Now On Sale In Vancouver

Image via Facebook/Mega Ill

It’s turns out there’s more to marijuana cuisine than pot brownies. A Vancouver spot called “Mega Ill” is serving up pizza with marijuana-infused sauce and ground weed buds as seasoning to customers for an extra $10, The L.A. Times reports.

Mega Ill in fact doubles as a cafe where medicinal marijuana users can get high before tending to their munchies with one of the herbal pizzas. Owners Rocky Tolfree and Mark Klokeid both survived battles with cancer. Familiar with the relief medicinal marijuana delivered during their cancer treatments, they decided to expand their Vancouver bakery’s menu to include pot-enhanced pizza.

Customers must produce their medicinal marijuana exemptions and bring their own weed in order to smoke or order a pot pie at Mega Ill, but the publicity coming from the viral story will likely send legions of customers to the spot looking for a taste.

On the Mega Ill Facebook page, owner Mark Klokeid appears in a photo that ought to come with the caption, “How high is that guy?” Yet Klokeid knows the power of medicinal marijuana firsthand. In fact, he was previously the owner of a Vancouver medicinal marijuana dispensary, The L.A. Times reports.

According to High Times, Mega Ill’s pot-infused pizza may be endangered by new Canadian laws aimed at regulating the medicinal marijuana industry. While it won’t stop anyone with a prescription from going to Mega Ill and medicating, it will force the adventurous chefs to stop serving the pizzas with sprinkled weed and pot-infused sauce. This development won’t kill the vibe, though.

“We will still be open as a pizza place where people can come and medicate here,” a Mega Ill employee told High Times. Chances are there won’t be many empty seats in the near future.


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