Milwaukee Mom Publicly Humiliates Daughter For Being A Bully On Facebook

2/24/14 7:42PM EST

Milwaukee Mom Publicly Humiliates Daughter For Being A Bully On Facebook Milwaukee Mom Publicly Humiliates Daughter For Being A Bully On Facebook

screen shot via CBS58

Milwaukee mom Lorraine Walls isn’t the first parent to publicly discipline her child for acting out. There have been numerous moms and dads who have made their children parade around in public wearing homemade shirts and signs bearing their wrongdoings. These “crimes” are often the result of children and teens spending too much time on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, where they resort to bullying and other inappropriate behavior, seemingly without their parent’s knowledge—and often without their consent.

Like several other parents before her, Lorraine decided to make and post a video of her own, scolding her daughter for her actions online and at school. Walls discovered that her 12-year old daughter, Lutisha, had been suspended from school for fighting, according to CBS58. As it turns out, the fight started as a result of Lutisha’s activity on Facebook, a site Lorraine had prohibited her daughter from using.

Against her mother’s permission, Lutisha spent time on the social networking site planning fights, bullying other children, and talking to boys. According to Lorraine, Lutisha had already been banned from using the site twice before, where she also lied about her age.

In a video that’s already racked up more than half a million views, Lorraine stands by in the frame while her daughter recites promises into the camera. “I can’t be on Facebook,” and “I can’t have a boyfriend,” are among the solemnly expressed phrases Lutisha has now made known to hundreds of thousands of viewers online, each of whom has their own reaction to Lorraine’s parenting tactics.

Many have praised Lorraine for publicly doing what many parents fail to address in the privacy of their own homes. The mother told KTNV, “If you can get a child and expose that child to help that child, not to hurt ‘em, I’m not out to hurt Lutisha. I want her to live, I want her to be somebody.”

Others remain taken aback by Lorraine’s comments in the video, like the one where she threatens to slap her child. Or how she defends her actions in the video, “The next time that she’s on Facebook… I’m beating the hell out of her.”

Regardless of public reaction, Lorraine insists she does not hit her child, nor is Lutisha abused in any way. As Lorraine sees it, we live in a harsh world and sometimes parenting means giving your child some tough love.


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