Santa Fight Breaks Out During SantaCon (Video)

12/16/13 11:22AM EST

Santa Fight Breaks Out During SantaCon Video Santa Fight Breaks Out During SantaCon (Video)

SantaCon is a dreaded day for every New Yorker who’s not participating in SantaCon. It’s an infamous day each year when people dress up as Santa and take part in a pub crawl, resulting in a full day of public drunkenness and too much rowdiness throughout New York City. And it seems to get a little more out of hand each year.

Saturday’s snowfall didn’t seem to deter people from the annual tradition, when drunk Santas stumbled around the city in droves. The event led at least a few intoxicated individuals to throw down in the street. Youtuber Chris Lau caught about 10 participants throwing punches on a snowy sidewalk. He concluded, “That was a good fight… When you talk about a Santa fight, that’s what you want.”