Self-Driving Concept Car Could Be Yours In 2020 (Video)

3/12/14 2:17PM EST

Self Driving Concept Car Could Be Yours In 2020 Video Self Driving Concept Car Could Be Yours In 2020 (Video)

screen shot via YouTube/CNET

Cars have cruise control and airplanes have autopilot, but there’s still work involved to make sure you don’t go veering off the road or falling out of the sky.

But imagine if you could drive ride in a car that actually did the driving for you and kept you safely on the road. Without having to focus on the road ahead, the options for filling your time become endless as your travel from Point A to B.

You may not have to wait much longer, as Nissan suggests such a car could become available by 2020.

Check out this video of the Rinspeed XchangE self-driving concept car being featured at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show. It shows a turtleneck-wearing couple traveling across a barren landscape in the car, alternating between actually driving the car and lounging back while the car does the work.

Another video from the Geneva Auto Show has a presenter taking you through your options in the car that drives itself. He introduces you to the car’s tablet-based head unit, 4K-display television, wire-controlled steering wheel, and a nifty little globe that encases your watch.


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