Sexiest Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2013

10/31/13 2:26PM EST

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Image via Instagram/ parishilton

Most kids have October 31 etched in their brain as the day they get to dress up in their costumes and get an absurd amount of free candy that will last a day or two. For most adults though, Halloween is really celebrated the Saturday before, when everybody can channel their inner naughty and it becomes a contest among women to see who can dress up in the least amount of clothes. This is no more evident than in Hollywood, where a person might see a woman dressed as a sexy nun walking down Sunset Boulevard on a random Tuesday afternoon. 2013 was no exception and here are the sexiest costumes of last weekend.

Paris Hilton As Miley Cyrus

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Image via Instagram/ parishilton

Las Vegas oddsmakers listed Miley Cyrus costumes as 1 to 5 favorites for the most popular dress up attire for Halloween 2013 and Paris Hilton helped cash in on that bet, as did 19 million other women around the country. That being said, it’s hard to complain about unoriginality when you can pull it off like this.

Jennifer Morrison As Cher From Clueless

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Image via Facebook/ Jennifer Morrison

Not everybody is familiar with Jennifer Morrison the actress but she most famously appeared on House, Once Upon a Time, and a stint on How I Met Your Mother. Her Halloween outfit this past weekend caught the attention of many a guy who grew up in the 90’s and inevitably had a crush on Cher (played by Alicia Silverstone) in the movie Clueless.

Jennifer’s selfie doesn’t do the entire outfit credit but use your imagination.

Naya Rivera As Carmen Sandiego

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Image via Instagram/ Naya Rivera

While Alicia Silverstone’s character in Clueless was definitely hot, her outgoing, over-the-top personality might be a turnoff for some. A few guys might like a woman a little more low key and mysterious which perfectly describes Carmen Sandiego. This past weekend Naya Rivera of Glee brought the cartoon and book character to life in a wonderful way.

Miley Cyrus As Lil’ Kim

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Image via Instagram/ mileycyrus

About the only person that wasn’t dressed up as Miley Cyrus this Halloween was the actual Miley Cyrus, who instead actually put some clothes on to go as Lil’ Kim. As Miley continues to raise the bar of what she can get away with, people are anxiously awaiting what Halloween ’14 will bring. Give Miley credit at least she avoided the temptation of donning blackface, which is more than fellow babe Julianne Hough can say.

Jessica Lowndes As Poison Ivy

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Image via Instagram/ jessicalowndes

New 90210 star Jessica Lowndes decided to go as Batman’s enemy Poison Ivy. The say Poison Ivy’s first kiss is poison and the second is the antidote. Plenty of guys were hoping to help her get in character Saturday night.

And so ends what is for most people the best Holiday of the year. Luckily the 2nd best one is right around the corner – the binge drinking night before Thanksgiving!