Smart Toilet You Can Flush From Your Smartphone And Track Your Poos

12/19/12 12:30PM EST

People are already taking their phones to the toilet, according to social media research and analytics group NM Incite, so their devices might as well serve a purpose while they’re there. New data suggests 38 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds connect with social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter in the bathroom. One can’t help but wonder if Japanese firm Lixil was considering that fact when it developed its new smart toilet, a model called the ‘Satis.

Every functional feature of the high-tech commode—including flushing, lifting the seat and spraying the bowl—can be controlled with a smartphone app. The My Satis app, as well as the Bluetooth-equipped toilets, will be available on select Android-run devices in the spring. The wonder doesn’t end there, though. The app will also control music played back through the lavatory’s speakers. Users can record their own settings, and track their toilet uses to monitor water and electricity bills.

Putting the “smart” into smart toilet, the app even includes a health function that creates a toilet diary so users can track their bodily functions.

[Images via Lixil]