Software Developer Fired After Firm Discovered He Outsourced His Work To China

1/18/13 11:17AM EST


It was pure genius while it lasted. A US-based software developer whose company allowed him to work from home was recently busted for outsourcing his work to China—for a fraction of his salary. While his Chinese partners completed his daily tasks the employee—identified only as “Bob”—spent his days browsing Facebook, Ebay, Reddit and looking at cat videos.

Bob actually pulled of his scheme at several companies simultaneously—pulling in several hundred-thousand dollars a year for outsourcing his assignments.

The scheme worked out great until one of Bob’s companies noticed regular logins originating in Shenyang, China. The firm feared a security breach, such as some type of zero day malware, and hired Verizon to investigate. But after a thorough examination of Bob’s online activity, Verizon realized Bob had provided his authentication tokens to the Shenyang software consultancy firm. It then found invoices for the Chinese firm and a search of the browser history soon revealed the whole truth behind Bob’s system.

Foiled again. Bob no longer has a job.