Spurs Mascot Makes Unbelievable Shot (Video)

1/20/14 10:39AM EST

screen shot via YouTube

screen shot via YouTube

Despite being one of the best teams in the NBA year after year, you won’t see the San Antonio Spurs in the national spotlight very often. While they are extremely good at basketball, they are terrible at showmanship. Tim Duncan is one of the best players to ever suit up in the NBA, but he doesn’t get the love he deserves, because endless bank shots aren’t sexy. Huge alley-oop dunks are. To offset the boring/sexy balance, the Spurs have a mascot that could probably garner a roster spot on the Bobcats, at the very least. Here is the Coyote, San Antonio’s mascot doing his thing:

Stunts like this are any mascot’s wet dream. These furry weirdos often employ a comedy-of-errors brand to their shtick, because being athletic while wearing a giant furry suit is probably pretty damn hard. Not the Coyote. He is the pack leader and Alpha Mascot of the NBA. I kind of wish the ref would just humor him and give him the ball to make the inbounds pass.


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