Starbucks Apologizes To Louisiana Woman For Satanic Art On Her Latte

4/2/14 11:28AM EST

Starbucks Apologizes To Louisiana Woman For Satanic Art On Her Latte Starbucks Apologizes To Louisiana Woman For Satanic Art On Her Latte

Image via Facebook/Megan K. Pinion

The door may be closed on the harrowing first season of HBO’s “True Detective,” but the pagan and satanic symbolism the show explored in its Louisiana locations is alive in Carcosa country.

A Louisiana woman posted photos of what appears to be satanic imagery in the design of her Baton Rouge Starbucks latte’s milk foam, which prompted a social media sensation and forced the coffee company’s corporate reps to apologize, The Daily Advertiser reports.

Megan Pinion, who described herself as a public school teacher and a practicing Catholic, was disturbed when she discovered a pentagram and “666″ in her coffee’s foam design on March 30. “Foam art” is a common sight in cafe culture these days, but Pinion wasn’t ready for the satanic imagery her barista designed. She posted the photos of the two coffees on her Facebook page and watched the “likes” and shares accumulate in rapid fashion. Yet she was not happy about this viral sensation.

“The star is almost okay because it is your Starbucks logo,” Pinion wrote on Facebook. “The 666, however, was quite offensive.” Pinion went out of her way to express her support of anyone’s right to practice religions, no matter how shocking they are.

I am in no way judging his beliefs or dis-meriting his beautiful artwork, I am however judging his lack of professionalism and respect for others.”

Starbucks officials caught wind of the offensive foam art a few days later and apologized on Facebook through the company’s social media team spokesperson, The Daily Advertiser reports.

We reached out to her through social media and apologized,” the Starbucks rep told the publication. “We’re taking the complaint seriously. We’re not sure who served her or what kind of beverage it was. It looks kind of caramel-ish in the photos.”

In all likelihood it was a misguided prank that began with caramel-flavored syrup. Some foam art simply has no place in polite society these days, even if it is in Carcosa country.


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