The Detroit Lions Just Signed A Rugby Player: See Why (Video)

12/27/13 10:01AM EST

The Detroit Lions Just Signed A Rugby Player See Why Video The Detroit Lions Just Signed A Rugby Player: See Why (Video)

Image via YouTube screen shot

A few days ago, Carlin Isles was a member of the U.S. National Rugby Team, looking to represent his country in the 2016 Olympics. (Seven-on-seven Rugby recently became an Olympic sport.) Fast forward to Thursday, and Isles is now a member of the NFL’s Detroit Lions. However, the Lions were just knocked out of the playoff hunt by the Giants’ late-game heroics last Sunday. Is this a splash signing to inspire hope for next season? Probably not, Isles’s only real football experience came at Ashland University, a Division II NCAA school.

So, what gives? Why would a non-contender snatch up a player this late in the season? Apparently, the Lions gave Mr. Isles a workout on Monday, where he ran an absolutely blistering 4.22 40-yard dash. Generously listed at 5’8″ and 158 pounds, the Lions might have nabbed the next Trindon Holliday or Devin Hester. Take a look at his highlight video below and see why this man is often called “the fastest Rugby player in the world.”