These Kids Have No Idea How To Use A Rotary Phone (Video)

3/4/14 1:40AM EST

The YouTube comedy team The Fine Bros. know that kids say the darnedest things. Among the segments on The Fine Bros. channel is a series where the brothers show pop-culture videos to the elderly, teens, and kids, while filming their reactions and responses.

In their newest video, they introduce a group of kids to a dated piece of technology—the rotary phone. Though the kids, who range in ages from 5 to 13, knew the device was a telephone, they were clueless as to how it was used.

One child acknowledged that the phone was something her mother used when she was a child, while others recognized the device from movies and television. When one of the youngest of the kids was asked how he knew what the phone was, he replied assuredly, “Because I read history,” noting that this type of phone was associated with Alexander Graham Bell.

While it seems the young children know their history, they couldn’t be bothered to use the phone if required to do so. Few of them knew the first step to call a person required you to take the phone off the hook. The idea of a dial tone or busy signal? Completely foreign to these kids.

This video demonstrates how quickly technology becomes dated in today’s world. You might shake your head at the thought of today’s kids not knowing how to use an old phone, but the video should at least make you smile.


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