This Badass Hybrid Car And Gyroplane Will Set You Back $295k

7/21/14 2:10PM EST

Image via Facebook/Pal-V

Image via Facebook/Pal-V

Forget about the Batmobile — it’s all about the PAL-V One these days. Just like it sounds, this is a three-wheeled car that turns into a helicopter, and you don’t have to be a superhero to own it. Although, in order to fork out $295,000 for this puppy, you will have to be rich.

Sound too good to be to true? Well, believe it. This is how the PAL-V One works:

Converting the PAL-V ONE from airplane to automobile is a very easy process which takes about 10 minutes,” the Pal-V site says. “Once the engine stops, the propeller folds itself automatically into the driving position. Pushing a button then lowers the rotor mast into the horizontal position. The same motion lowers the tail. The outer blades are folded over the inner blades via hinge mechanisms. The last steps in the process are to push the tail into its driving position and secure the rotor blades. This conversion can be executed by the driver/pilot after just a short training lesson. To convert from driving to flying mode, simply reverse the sequence.”

Image via Facebook/Pal-V

Image via Facebook/Pal-V

The PAL-V One seats two people and has a 230 hp, four-cylinder engine that reaches speeds of up 112 mph in the air or on the road. It also has a 27-gallon gas tank which will take you 220 miles by flight and 750 miles by road.

So, grab your Sports Pilot certificate and that extra few hundred thousand you have sitting around and meet us on the landing pad.


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